Worthsy Challenges the Discounted Handmade of Heartsy

Several times over the past year, we’ve raised the question of how people value handmade, and whether crafters should feel pressure to compete with mass-produced goods, which after a quick commenting conversation with Pigeon Toe Ceramics last week, I pretty much realized that’s just not possible. This is why I’m LOVING the new social experiment (i.e. website) called Worthsy…

About Worthsy from Jessika of Oh My! Handmade Goodness:

Worthsy is what happens when you throw out an idea and someone else catches it & throws it back. When I first heard of Heartsy and other discount handmade sites I was totally grossed out. Discount + handmade? No way. Buying handmade should be about spending more for more – because you support the artist – not about how good of a deal you can get on it. I tossed out the idea on Twitter that I would love to see an online auction like Heartsy where the point was to pay more & see how much people would pay for handmade. It sparked a whole #moreismore conversation. The lovely Zoe of A Quick Study was a part of the discussion and she caught my idea & threw back that she would be willing to build the site. Really? Yes! And Worthsy was born….

The site was created “to showcase the incredible talent of handmade artists and as an experiment to see if you (yes, you and you and you!) will pay more for more.”

What does Worthsy mean by more? The answer from the Worthsy Facebook Page:

We believe when you spend carefully & choose to pay more you get:

  • More creativity when the artist feels valued they can put more time & love into their creative process.
  • More originality if artists don’t have to compete against each other’s pricing but can cooperate instead.
  • More joy in owning because you know you helped someone else live their artistic dream.
  • More attention to detail because the artist has the ability to worry less about $ and more on creating.
  • More beauty in your life & owning things you cherish and value.
  • More sustainability because when you pay what something is really worth you contribute to a culture of pricing that is based on real world value not competition.
  • More connection to the creator by paying someone what an item is really worth you are building a relationship & gifting them with your respect. They will give back. It’s true!

I plan to avidly follow Worthsy and their weekly auctions. If you’re interested in doing the same, “Like” them on Facebook to stay up to date.

(Image: Worthsy)