Worthy Splurge, Baby Edition: Five Infant Products Worth Every Penny

updated May 4, 2019
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Earlier this month Taryn filled you in on five things that are never worth skimping on in the home, a great list! But what about when it comes to baby time! Everyone tells you “you must get this” “you can’t live without a decent that“. What really is worth the big bucks, when it comes to baby goods?

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1. A new crib mattress. Cribs, as long as they are not drop side cribs, can be found easily second-hand. But a good crib mattress should start out new with your new baby. Two years in, you’ll see how many accidents have happened on that thing, and be glad you did.

2. Car seat. This is one place you cannot skimp, because you absolutely cannot skimp on safety in the car. A car seat becomes unsafe after it expires, or is in an accident. Be wary of using any seat you don’t know the history of. Really, it is best to buy a car seat new.

3. Breast pump tubing/cups. If you are breast feeding, at some point you’ll likely need a breast pump. If you want to save money, you can always borrow a motor from a friend, but buy the tubing, and all parts that touch your milk new. Search the model you plan to use online. New tubes etc. for motorized pumps usually only cost between $20-$30.

4. A baby carrier that works for you. In our recent series on “Baby Goods I’m Glad I Bought”, almost all of our family bloggers listed their baby carrier. Different carriers work for different parents, and babies! So wait until bub is born and head to the store, and try a few on for size. A baby carrier will help you get out for short walks, have your hands free at home and even, occasionally, rock that oh-so-tired baby to sleep.

5. Something to swaddle. Over half of the AT Family crew listed these on their “Glad I bought” list. A particular favorite, the Aden + Anais swaddles, that seem to last forever, get better with age, and can be used for everything from play spaces, to bibs, to seat covers, to a shade on the stroller. A multi-purpose delight!

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