Would You Buy A Cuddle Mattress?

Would You Buy A Cuddle Mattress?

Kristen Lubbe
Jul 25, 2011

I wouldn't consider myself a cuddler and not because I don't enjoy cuddling, mostly because I find it pretty uncomfortable and I can't wait to get back to my side of the king size bed and either get to sleep or get up for the day. There's just something about arms and legs falling asleep, sore backs and any other hazard of cuddling that makes it unappealing. I'm apparently not alone in this and the design world is looking to make a mattress to help the cuddle cause.

The 'Love Mattress' is a modular mattress that conforms and expands to accomodate arms and legs that usually take the brunt of cuddling. You can comfortably cuddle with your partner through the use of slat-like modules that slightly separate to accomodate an arm, elbow, shoulder, etc.

It doesn't look like it's hitting the market any time soon (if ever) but I couldn't help but find the design and concept interesting. Is cuddling really that common of a problem that the world needs such a mattress? What do you think of the Love Mattress, would you buy it?

Via: Dornob

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