Would You Buy Land Strictly For Gardening?

Would You Buy Land Strictly For Gardening?

Sarah Rae Smith
May 28, 2009

We double plus love our noisy, busy downtown Kansas City loft. The space makes us feel super creative and fits our lifestyle perfectly, except for one small thing. The lack of green space. We don't even have a balcony or the ability to have a window box garden and after our previous years of being able to grow our own food and flowers, it's really starting to get to us. So we've been on a hunt for land. Would you ever consider doing this, or are florists and farmers markets enough for you?

In the past we've grown roughly 75% of our families vegetable consumption. It's the way our Grandmothers did it and our Mothers after them. It never occurred to us that people actually go to stores to pay for an inferior and less tasty product (well it did, it just seemed silly!). So without access to a small patch of land, we've been starting to get the jitters about purchasing from local farmers markets (which we fully support for things we don't grow) and other grocery stores.

Plus, it was always nice to grow your own flowers for the constant displays we always have around the house. It's always been viewed as a good investment to purchase a whole plant for $3 that will keep on giving instead of a bouquet that will last for a week which we are sure to have paid at least 4 times that price!

Would you consider buying or renting land for these purposes? With the economic setbacks the country has had lately, we've found more and more farmers and home owners alike posting ads on Craigslist and in the local newspapers "renting" out their backyards, or even just offering it to someone who will share the bounty of what comes from it.

What would you do? Leave us your thoughts in the comments below!

(Image: Sarahrae)

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