Would You Organize Your Closet By Size?

Would You Organize Your Closet By Size?

Tess Wilson
Jun 11, 2013

I've gained 20 pounds in recent months, and while I'm still healthy and happy in my skin, many of my clothes simply don't fit. I'm certainly not going to get rid of all my smaller clothes (nor my larger ones if I lose weight), but being faced with a rack of clothes that don't fit can slow down the dressing process. As much as I like organizing things by type, I might give by-size a whirl...

As I've considered this, I couldn't help but be reminded of something charming I read on Neil Gaiman's journal a few years ago:

"I've moved from the tub of size 33 jeans in my closet to the tub of 32 jeans (32 jeans means my BMI is no longer where it shouldn't be), and today I noticed that the 31 jeans tub is filled with really nice jeans, most of which are almost unworn, so I've decided to get down to there, which is right in the weight-place I ought to be to make my doctor happy, and do my best to maintain it." 

He has his jeans organized by (exact) size, and moves from one tub to the other! This makes so much sense to me, as it allows him to  pick out clothes efficiently, without wasting time trying on pants that don't fit. Trying on pants that don't fit — whether too tight or too saggy-baggy- can be an extremely disheartening way to start the day. By grouping his jeans by size, Neil knows exactly which ones to grab and provides a way to keep an eye on his fitness. (This is not a perfect system, of course: I'd guess that about half of the weight I gained is in muscle, and I sincerely hope not to get rid of that, even if it means I'll never fit into my 20-lbs-lighter clothes.)

Do you pack away things that don't fit, or relegate them to the back of the closet? Or do you simply let them hang, knowing that someday you'll lose or gain enough weight to be happily reunited with them?

(Image: Michele Lee Willson Photography/Janel & Jim Combine Their Creative Ideas)

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