Would You Pay For a Re-Charge with the SafePlug?

Would You Pay For a Re-Charge with the SafePlug?

Taryn Williford
Oct 14, 2010

We know the dreadful feeling of being far from home without a cell phone charge—and several state lines away from our phone charger. Instead of panic, we feel a sense of adventure. "This is what it must have been like to take a vacation back in the '80s," we'll say to ourselves. But we know not everyone is like us. Some would rather pay for a little extra juice. That's why somebody invented the SafePlug.

The SafePlug is a proposed pay-per-use system that attaches to a regular outlet and makes a buck for the establishment it's attached to.

After you buy a prepaid plastic card from the register at said establishment—offering 10 or 20 blocks of 20-minute access time, each "block" at $1 a piece—you can happily re-charge for as long as you need.

It's sounds like a great idea at first. But the funny thing is that the SafePlug wouldn't help in the vacation situation we described above. Without your phone charger, there's no way to take advantage of that pay-per-charge. And if you had your phone charger, you could just mooch off the first outlet you see.

Unless every library and coffee shop start using the SafePlug at once, you could just re-charge at your next stop. And until the SafePlug is everywhere, why would you want to buy several blocks of juicing minutes?

What about you guys? Have you ever been stranded without a charge? Do you dig the SafePlug idea? Would you pay for a bunch of charging blocks? Tell us in the comments!

Via GizMag

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