Would You Spend Cash on a Silent-Click Mouse?

Would You Spend Cash on a Silent-Click Mouse?

Taryn Williford
Mar 30, 2011

Tuning out outside noise is a huge barrier in the way of your workspace focus. Anything from a TV in the background to the clicks of your keyboard could, at any moment, bring you out of your productive little coma. But to what lengths are you willing to go to shut them up? Do you play background music? Did you pay a premium for noise-canceling headphones? Or do you want to make your office a silent haven with this silent-click mouse from Nexus?

The Nexus SM-8000 Silent Mouse might be the most quiet mouse ever. Even with five very click-able buttons, it stays perfectly silent. A welcome sonic break for sensitive ears.

Nexus Technology's CEO, Michael van der Jagt, told eChannelLine about the mouse: "We have many TV and radio studio customers that have been pushing us for this product and we notice that it is appreciated by home and office users also. You will be amazed how much more relaxing it is when you get rid of this useless sound."

Even still, when I first spotted this mouse, I immediately cast it aside. I've never noticed my mouse clicks to be bothersome before, so it seemed like a waste of money. Many of us have been conditioned to ignore "office white noise" like mouse clicks and the gentle whir of a cooling fan.

But of course, ever since reading about it, I've now taken notice of my noisy mouse—finding its clicks more irritating than two songs played at once (it's my biggest tech pet peeve).

But is it worth the price?

We can't know for sure. This new, silent Nexus mouse is still an enigma, with a release date and price yet to be determined. But it's predecessor, the SM-7000B, sold for around $35.

And, guys, if $35 is the cost of office nirvana, I'm buyin' in. How about you?

(Top image: Flickr member JF Sebastian licensed for use under Creative Commons)

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