Would You Spend the Night at a Candy Hotel?

Would You Spend the Night at a Candy Hotel?

Elizabeth Licata
Apr 3, 2013

A British sugar company has created a candy hotel. Seriously. The windowsills in the Soho, London, hotel were made entirely of fudge, flower arrangements were made of sculpted sugar, the cushions on the beds were actually cakes, and there was a carpet made of 1,081 meringues that would actually not look out of place in my own apartment, except for the whole “made of meringues” thing. 

"We hope that through the cake hotel we can showcase the versatility of golden and brown cane sugars and inspire people to get creative in the kitchen,” James Whiteley of Tate & Lyle Sugars said to The Mirror. The cake hotel also serves as a scientific investigation into just how sticky the human body can get.

The three-floor, pop-up hotel called Tasting House had eight theme rooms full of chocolate and candy created by 14 artists, who spent more than 3,000 hours and 1,320 pounds of sugar on the project. There was a Mayan-theme room with a chocolate temple, a Pirates of the Caribbean room with edible swords and a treasure chest full of candy pearls, and a Mediterranean room with marshmallow curtains.

The quirky, sugary fun starts to go off the rails at the bathtub full of caramel-covered popcorn, though. A bubble bath might be relaxing and luxurious, and if someone offered me a Jacuzzi full of Champagne I’d ask for a straw. But there’s something inherently sad about sitting up to one’s armpits in sticky popcorn, quietly eating kernels out of one’s cleavage. And who wants to be the second person to have a go in the tub full of popcorn? Yuck.

Overnight guests were plucked from Internet hopefuls based on a 140-character essay test conducted on Twitter. The hotel was open to day visitors beforehand, though, so before any Golden Ticket-bearers start licking the walls they would have to deal with the knowledge that dozens of strangers have been milling about the rooms all day. 

Luckily the hotel was only open for one night, so questions about pest control, sticky sheets, and the long-term health effects of eating that much pink food coloring can be shoved into the back of your mind.

Would you spend the night in a cake hotel? 

To see more of the edible hotel, check out The Mirror

(Images via The Mirror)

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