Wrap Up Cords with DIY Washi Tape For Lovely Twist Tie Labels

Wrap Up Cords with DIY Washi Tape For Lovely Twist Tie Labels

Taryn Williford
Aug 28, 2013

Some solutions are just proven and dependable. Like using jars for storage or twist ties to keep cords untangled. But just because the bread bag twist tie has reached the pinnacle of function, it doesn't mean we can't pretty it up, right?

Hannah of The Homesteady was packing cords for her honeymoon when she reached for the basic, disposable, find-them-everywhere wire twist ties. But she decided she wanted something a little bit more pleasing to her eye than reused supermarket twist ties.

With just a little washi tape, the Japanese paper masking tape known for its colorful prints and patterns, Hannah's twist ties were transformed into a more eye-pleasing solution for wrapping cords. Plus, the wide tape surface makes it easy to label and keep everyone's identical iPhone charger straight.

To try this at home, just sandwich a twist tie between two pieces of washi tape. This is officially the easiest, fastest, and cheapest DIY ever. No improving on that.

More info and images: The Homesteady

Other ways to beautify tech using washi tape:

(Image: The Homesteady)

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