Wrap up Headphones with an ID-Badge Clip

It’s easy to wrap headphones in a ziplock when you’re storing them in the house or to use a little chain sinnet to keep the long cord under control while you’re using it. But this easy DIY solution helps to keep cords organized when you’re not using them, but not exactly ready to put them away, either.

You know those ID badge clips they probably hand out at your office? The ones with a metal clip on one side and a clear, snap-able loop of vinyl on the other?

Well we’re not suggesting that you steal office supplies, but we’ll look the other way if you want to re purpose your clip as clever headphone storage.

And it’s simple, too. Just fold your headphone cord back and forth (or try the wrapping-it-around-three-fingers method) and then clip the vinyl loop around it. It’ll keep your cord tight; and with the other end, you can clip your ‘phones onto your shirt, laptop bag or purse. Easy!