Writing Letters While Traveling

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Wherever you may be traveling this summer, chances are a postcard stand or two exists. Sending postcards isn’t as popular a practice as it used to be, but don’t overlook it during your summer vacation. A few postcards and stamps can make a truly fun vacation activity that extends beyond the vacation.

Let your kids pick out a few postcards for loved ones and friends back home and then toss in a few extra. Of course, plain white paper and envelopes will do just as nicely. Depending on your kids’ ages, have them write a sentence or two, a word or two, or just have them draw a picture. But don’t just send them to friends and family; send a few to your house. They will be there when you get home or arrive shortly thereafter and when the kids see the postcard they picked out with their own writing or drawing on the back, they will be thrilled!