WTF? Designs We're Not Sure We Could Live With

WTF? Designs We're Not Sure We Could Live With

Sarah Rae Smith
Aug 18, 2009

We're usually ridiculously supportive of designers bringing new, fun and functional ideas into the world and can imagine our spaces filled with things that aren't exactly traditional. That said, there's still some designs that stop us dead in our tracks — vote for your choice of the biggest flop after the jump.

The Rocking Hot Dog: This giant purple sausage by Jaime Hayon and Nienke Klunder will be hitting London next month and although we can see this working in a large, open modernist space, we can't help but think the first thing your guests would say is, "Holy Giant Purple Sausage!" We're pretty sure of it, because it's the first thing we said!

Hygienic Sanitary Pad Layers Table: Wow. Just wow. We know this is a piece that's meant to be taken with a large side of humor, but we're speechless. This shelf by Andy Kurovets is our least favorite of all the items listed here. Not just because of what it is, but because it's so heavily graphic, displaying or storing anything on it would be a double eyesore. Although you could tell guests the bathroom was down the hall and left at the heavy flow, what... you can't say that on a design blog?!

Streetside Urinal: To help keep the streets clean in Belgium, this new design has been suggested to make peeing in public ok, or at least a cleaner process. Having a, "If you can't beat them join them" vibe, we personally think it seems a bit off putting.

Human Skin Rug: Take a moment to grasp the idea of a woman laying on the floor in this position for hours while she was covered with plastic to create this giant human skin rug. The designer, Chrissy Conant, is trying to convey her sense of feeling powerless and objectified, although there could have been different ways to go about the display of such feelings, like making a nice documentary, we hear those are all the rage these days.

Fish Bowl Toilet & Sink: We love fish, we really do. Ever since Ernie called them into his boat on Sesame Street when we were little we were hooked. But the thought of having to clean the tanks on these contraptions is just mind blowing. Plus, the thought of Nemo watching you do your business is a bit bizarre. It's hard enough to go to the bathroom alone if you have dogs or kids, do we really need fish in the picture too?

(Images: Dezeen, Chrissy Conant, Curiobot, Yanko Design & Kapsteur)

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