W+W: Brings The Toilet and Sink Together

W+W: Brings The Toilet and Sink Together

Kristen Lubbe
Mar 17, 2010

There are people who believe "if it's yellow, let it mellow &mdash if it's brown, flush it down." We're assuming that the enormous amount of water that's wasted each time a toilet is flushed is behind a genius out there thinking up an eco-friendly rhyme. If letting the yellow mellow is a little too much for you to handle, there's always another option.

W+W is a collaboration of Gabriele and Oscar Buratti and bathroom brand Roca. The two came together to create a product that brings the toilet and sink together&mdash harmoniously.

Harmoniously meaning, using the water from the sink to fill up the toilet. If you think about it, the water that is used in the sink is perfectly fine for use in the toilet. All we use our sink for is to wash our hands/face and brush our teeth. We're perfectly fine with our toothpaste and face wash making a detour to the toilet in the name of saving water.

By using this system, water waste would drop by 25%. Once the basin has been used and filled with water, the user has the option of either diverting it to the mains or recycling it by storing it in the toilet ready for the next flush. When the grey water is selected to be reused, it is stopped from flowing out to the main pipes and diverted to fill up the cistern, at which point it automatically passes through a double filtration system. In order to eliminate bacteria and odors, this system filters particle debris as well as chemically treating the grey water before storing it in the reservoir to flush the WC. The reservoir can hold up to 4 liters of water, and there is an overflow so that if it gets too full any excess grey water will be discarded via the main waste outlet.

If, for some reason there is no water left in the reservoir, the toilet can recognize that and allow water from the main source to fill up the tank. W+W also has a unique way of controlling temperature and constricts the amount of water that can flow in a minutes time.

The W+W is selling for approx. £2,703 and will be available to buy in the UK from January 2010.

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