Wyeth: 20th Century, Very Chic

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(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

THANKS FOR THE PIC, PATRICK! A reader recently wrote in asking for a review of this store, and though we haven’t been there in a long time, we thought it a very good idea to put it up and collect reader’s more recent opinions.

Before Wyeth moved over to west Spring street, we used to walk off the street and ogle the super cool industrial chic objects, lighting, machinery and furniture that seemed custom ordered for a huge SoHo Rockstar loft. Prices were sky high, but you expected that, and the style was unrivalled. Now, Wyeth is hidden behind smoky dark windows and you are asked to make an appointment before you come (the staff is very nice, however has been nice on the phone when we’ve called). We hear it’s still worth the effort.

NY Mag says: Items at this glamorous store may be very old (2,000-year-old sculptures from the Nok tribe of Nigeria), very big (a mammoth metal-and-glass lamp from an old dentist�s office), or very exotic.

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And here: Wyeth�s quirky collection of vintage classic-modern furnishings offers standout items like a cast-iron work table salvaged from a factory�perfect for funkier kitchens and dining rooms.