DIY For Dad: 15 Father’s Day Gifts To Make

updated Jul 17, 2020
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A big black dog sitting in a small DIY midcentury modern stye dog bed.
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Sure, you could buy him a tie or golf ball cufflinks or whatever, but wouldn’t he rather receive something made with love by his talented offspring? Here are 10 Dad-worthy projects from our archives, plus 5 imminently edible and giftable recipes from The Kitchn…

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  1. How To Make a Mid-Century Style Dog Bed: Just face it, you’ve been replaced. Your inbox is full of dog updates and your dad’s wallet is full of puppy photos instead of your old school portraits. This project should at least earn some points with your usurper.
  2. Make an Etched Glass Beer Growler: I want to make these for everyone I know, but especially three out of the four dad-figures in my life.
  3. DIY Desk Organizer: Everyone needs a desk organizer, especially an awesome metal one made by one’s darling progeny.
  4. A Family Yearbook: Pack it full of family memories- especially if you live far apart and he had to miss out on a lot of meaningful moments.
  5. LEGO Family Portrait: I’m dying over the cuteness of this one! Perfect for geeky dads, especially if you get custom minifigs made…


  1. A One-Pot Indoor Herb Garden: This is an excellent gift for the cooking, cocktailing, and/or apartment-dwelling dad.
  2. DIY Grill Cover: I didn’t want to fall into the Dads Love Grilling stereotype…but all the ones I know do. If yours happens to, protect his other baby with this cute cover.
  3. How To Make a Succulent Wreath: I would skip the bow on this not because Dad’s Don’t Like Bows, but because I don’t- but I love the wreath!
  4. Make These Glass Wind Chimes:Do you have a dad who considers “porch” to be a verb? He needs these.
  5. How To Make A Terrarium: The best thing about this project is how customizable it is- keep it plain for a nature-loving dad, add a tiny TARDIS for a Doctor Who dad, or…nope, nothing else is as good as adding a tiny TARDIS.


  1. Granola: When I was very small, I called granola “Daddy Cereal” because it was my dad’s favorite. Many years later, I discovered the joy of homemade granola and have made him a jar every few Father’s Days… while keeping a few breakfasts’ worth for myself. Here are a few fantastic-sounding options: Curry Coconut Savory Granola, Cardamom-Spiced Granola, Cherry Pistachio Granola Clusters, Stovetop Maple Macadamia Granola
  2. Ganache: I love giving (and receiving) jars of ganache as gifts- they’re just so indulgent. Start with this versatile recipe for Chocolate Ganache, and add personalized flavors if desired. I’ve done salt & pepper, chile, whiskey, and honey.
  3. Spice Blends: For the enthusiastic cook, nothing beats interesting new spices and spice blends. Make a pretty jar of Chinese 5 Spice, Quatre Epices, Pickling Spice, Za’atar, or Baharat for your dad, or be ambitious and make all of them.
  4. Pickles: My dad loves mushrooms and I hate them, so making Quick Pickled Mushrooms would truly be an act of love. Pickled Yellow Squash, Garlic & Coriander Quick-Pickled Baby Carrots, and Crisp & Spicy Pickled Grapes would require me to make a double batch…
  5. Brittle: My dad loves peanut brittle, so I assume all dads do. Spice up his snacking with Salted Pistachio Brittle, Pepita Brittle, Chocolate Caramel Matzo Brittle, or Holiday Nut & Fruit Brittle– hey, Father’s Day is a holiday!