10 Ways to Use Kitchen Storage in the Office

Anybody who’s ever seen an Ikea Hack knows that some home goods make the seamless move from room to room, making themselves useful for something other than intended. So if you’ve run out of ideas for home office storage, make your way over to the kitchen section. One Lifehacker blogger did, and came out with a couple cool kitchen-turned-office solutions, plus we’ve added a few of our own ideas. Check ’em out!

Adam Dachis at Lifehacker showcased a few different ways that he uses kitchen tools in his home office:

  • Single-serving bowls are great for storing CDs and DVDs. They’re definitely a better-looking alternative to plastic drum cases.
  • A compartment plastic lunch tray, a $2 find from Target, makes for an awesome in-drawer organizer.
  • A caster-fitted wire kitchen shelf finds new life as office storage. It’s hefty enough to hang on to heavy equipment, but it can be moved around easily to access wires.

But we can think of a few more ways to put kitchen gear to use in the office.

Check out these ideas, pictured in the gallery above: