The Elegant XB Xbox 360 Case

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

We’re excited to see more and more companies taking the integration of their products into their consumers lives more seriously. What good is an Xbox if it sticks out like a sore thumb on top of your entertainment center? Sure you can hide it away, but what would you want to with cases as pretty as these.

Theses cases started production (in theory) back in August according to the Industri Repo website. They have 3 120mm fans that keep things cool while having a larger area to make airflow more efficient while keeping the noise level down.

They’re made in Sweden and we’re hoping to see them hit stores in the very near future! As the high end gaming platforms integrate in different programs and software to be used with them, it would sure be nice to be able to keep them out in the open without it detracting from the rest of your fabulous decor.

Do you care about adding a new case to your gaming gear, or does it seem like wasted money? Share your thoughts on the issue in the comments below!