Xbox 360 Kinect and Powerful 10 Minute Workouts

Xbox 360 Kinect and Powerful 10 Minute Workouts

Joelle Alcaidinho
Jun 10, 2011

Ideally, workouts should be 20 minutes or longer in duration for fat burning and cardio health purposes. But what do you do when you only have 10 minutes to spare? We've discovered the power of quick, frequent mini-workouts during Week 6 with the Kinect. Here are several 10 minute workouts you can do to keep in shape when pressed for time...

Short on time? Check out these sweat inducing activities which are all around the 10 minute mark:

  • Dance It Up!: With Dance Central songs being an average length of about 3 or so minutes, you can fit 3 songs in the 10 minute mark. Choose fast paced tunes to get the maximum workout for your time.
  • Choose Your Own Adventure: The mini-games inside of Kinect Adventures! have several that work for a tiny workout. Our two favorites for this are Rallyball and Reflex Ridge, to fill the 10 minutes we do a Reflex Ridge sandwich with Rallyball.
  • Get Sporty: Activities in Kinect Sports that are great for inducing a sweat quickly are Boxing and jumping hurdles in Track & Field.
  • Start Hooping: Of course, with a mini-game built into a fitness title there is definitely workout focus for a short amount of time. One of our favorite mini-games in Your Shape: Fitness Evolved is the Hula Hoop. With the short amount of time each mini-game takes, you can easily complete all of the Gym Games in less than 10 minutes.
  • Be Challenged By Food: For a workout exactly 10 minutes in length, Calorie Challenge in Kinect Sports is a no-brainer. It's easy to select the duration of your workout by choosing the appropriate food to challenge. Really short on time? Challenge the broccoli for a 5 minute workout.

What's your favorite way to get a mini-workout in?

Weeks 1-7 with the Xbox 360 and Kinect:

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