Xbox 360 Kinect vs Wii Balance Board

Xbox 360 Kinect vs Wii Balance Board

Joelle Alcaidinho
Jul 15, 2011

Back in '09, which seems so terribly long ago, we talked about working out at home via the Wii. Wii Fit and the Balance Board were such a marked change from watching an exercise video that we thought that they could possibly be the solution to helping our at home workouts pack a better punch. While we have been neglecting the Wii during our Kinect review, after yet another round of pleading with the Kinect sensor to "see" us we starting doing some thinking as to how the two platforms stack up.

When we first received our Wii, Balance Board, and Wii Fit, the at home exercise game was changed for us. We started working out at home on a more regular basis and the addition of EA Sports Active only increased our motivation. However, like with most things that involve exercise, we gradually stopped using the console for working out. The "games" grew repetitive and boring and we opted instead to take our workouts outdoors.

With the Kinect, this post series has provided motivation, but without needing to write about the experience we fear it would follow the same path as working out with the Wii. While we do enjoy some of the titles we have had the chance to review, getting the Kinect sensor to reliably see us is still an issue. We rarely had trouble with the Balance Board or Wiimotes being seen by the Wii and while we enjoy being able to workout fairly unfettered, we are not sure it is worth the frustration of needing to "Jedi mind trick," the Kinect.

One big advantage that the Kinect has, is in the titles and we think that possibly with the addition of more titles that focus on fun active activities vs workouts the title of "best workout console for us" would easily go to the Xbox 360 & Kinect. The key to good at home workouts is motivation, and if one console can make exercise more fun than the other then that makes it a winner in our book. Now, if the Kinect could just get the sensor issue sorted...

What do you think? Do you prefer working out with the Wii & Balance Board or Xbox 360 & Kinect?

Weeks 1-12 with the Xbox 360 and Kinect:

(Images: Joelle Alcaidinho and Flickr members Pirate Johnny and Nicole Lee licensed for use under Creative Commons)

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