XIM Bonding Primer Sealer

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Super Bonder will help you paint your formica! We just heard from Mary that XIM is a great way to seal tricky surfaces so that you can paint them. Given the tag-line, “When ordinary primers are not enough,” XIM is a fast drying, but smelly clear primer that can take on metal, wood, tile, glass, etc. It can be used as a top coat as well. Mary says:

I painted my counter tops and backsplash in my new home of formica counters. I used XIM, which works great as my base coat.

I first lightly sanded the surface and then applied the XIM with a brush. Let dry for an hour or two and then applied different colors of BM eggshell finish paints for my design. Then seal with XIM and a good polyurathane.

XIM comes in white and clear formulations, costs $40 a gallon and $13 for a quart, and can be purchased online as well as at Janovic Plaza. (Thanks, Mary!)