Xmarks the Spot: Sync Bookmarks, Tabs, and Passwords

Xmarks the Spot: Sync Bookmarks, Tabs, and Passwords

Chris Perez
Dec 5, 2011

Ever find yourself wishing your smartphone or tablet could link to a tab you know that's open on your computer at home (in our case, "How many ounces of goat cheese for a recipe")? If so, then get ready to be saved by Xmarks and the new Open Tabs Sync feature, to keep those tabs synced (and more) across all your computers and mobile devices.

Sync Bookmarks across all your devices and computers

We told you about Xmarks way back when it was just in beta. Previously you could use the app to sync your bookmarks across platforms / computers, but they've since added a few more tricks up their sleeve.

Xmarks is compatible with almost all browsers and operating systems, unifying bookmarks and tabs. Once installed, you'll have access to your bookmarks from multiple computers, multiple browsers, and multiple devices. Yeah, it works in iOS and Android now too! Available at their respective App Store or Marketplace.

-We installed the Chrome extension and Mac app to sync between Safari and Chrome.

Sync Open Tabs
We imagine the new Sync Open Tabs feature will be rather useful when you have that "uh-oh" moment and want to check something you know is just waiting back at the house or office. Just simply enable the feature in all your installed instances (browser extensions, and computers).

Now if you need to get at a tab from another computer or another device just go to "Open Remote Tabs" in the menu and you'll be presented with a list of open tabs across all devices and browsers. Simply find the entry you're looking for and it'll load up. Voila!

Xmarks lets you setup profiles so you can manage which bookmarks are synced between your computers and devices. It's a little bit like Google+ circles, but for bookmarks. For instance, we have a "Work" profile where we share the work related links amongst our work related computers. Then we keep that profile away from our at-home or mobile devices to avoid cluttering things up. We also setup a profile with our significant other's name attached so we can share bookmarks we'll both find of interest and maybe need to access remotely. Like that fun Roasted Rhubarb Claufoti recipe she just found on theKitchn.

Share Bookmarks
Another neat use of Xmarks is to make a shared folder. You can then share those bookmarks through a web link, rss feed, email, or our favorite an embedded widget on your webpage. Now you can not-so-subtly share your "Things I Want for Christmas" bookmark folder for all to see. Or maybe put up that "Things I Want to Make" list from all the fun recipes you may have found on theKitchn, Pinterest, or Gojee.

Online access
Away for the holidays and need to look up a bookmark at a remote location? Don't fret. Just go to my.xmarks.com on any browser. Login and your bookmarks tab is there for you to click, edit, or manage. How thoughtful of you.

Use Lastpass? Now you can also use Xmarks to sync passwords across all your devices as well. This is a feature due to Lastpass acquiring Xmarks last year. This will come in handy when you want things just autofilled on your mobile device so you can touch and go.

We're excited about Xmarks. After installing it across all our computers and devices we're looking forward to even more effectively managing our bookmarks and easing our day-to-day tech life. Now when it comes time to cook up a meal, we just prop up the iPad, find our shared & synced bookmark and go. Sweetness.

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