Xtracycle: No Car... No Problem!

Xtracycle: No Car... No Problem!

Sarah Rae Smith
Aug 25, 2008

In major metropolitan areas, it's becoming easier and easier to swear off car ownership and depend on public transportation and the two wheels of your bicycle. But what happens when you have more to carry than will fit in your basket or backpack? Click through the jump to learn more about Xtracycle and how they can make your day a little easier...

There are times in life where you don't need to reinvent the wheel; and then there are times that you do. Xtracyle is a non-profit company who believes in changing the way of life for those who have the aptitude for it. They are welders and teachers, who build Sport Utility Bikes to sell to people who can afford them. They also pride themselves on teaching those who can't, how to build their own. And, better yet, they are training people how to go out into their communities and teach others how to build their own.

Biking is and always has been just a cheap, fun, easy way to get around. But the Xtracycle team knew you could ride more if you could easily carry a load, and knew the world would be a saner, cleaner, cooler place if more people could ride more often. So they designed a bike to carry your stuff. If you aren't in the market for a whole new bike, they also sell kits to convert your old bike into the carrying machine you might need it to be.

Taken from their website:
It's Not for Everyone, But It Might Be for You
We designed the Xtracycle Sport Utility Bicycle system for people like us. We like being outside and feeling strong. We care about the planet. We believe in being part of the solution, but know that sometimes we still aren't doing enough. We hate trying to find a parking place on Friday night. We kayak and surf. We love music. We like to push ourselves. We also like slippers and tea. We love free stuff. We love freedom and wind in the face. We love riding bikes. Sometimes we're too tired to ride; sometimes we just can't get up the gumption, and we know that's okay too. We love good food with friends. We have kids in our lives, and pets. We have friends who need rides. We always want to laugh more and be happy.

You can learn more about Xtracycle, the bikes, accessories, gear and more from their website. If you'd like to see one in person, check to see if there's a dealer near you!

Photos by cleverchimp via Flickr, and the Xtracycle website.

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