Yamaha Gives YSP-Series A Bigger Number, Even More Miniature Speakers

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

While the innovative YSP-600 was just cranked out a few months ago, Yamaha’s looking for even bigger (and pricier offerings) for the consumer market who just hates wires (us). The YSP-3050, Yamaha’s latest offering features an increased number of speakers that will bounce off walls to create an emulated (yet, pretty convincing the last time we took it for a test run at our local Fry’s Electronics) surround sound experience. Full details after the jump.

Upgraded features include “21 beam drivers, two woofers, 23 corresponding digital amplifiers, three Cinema DSP programs (movie, music and sports), analog-to-HDMI video upconversion, HD upscaling to 1080i / 720p and a 1080p (24Hz and 60Hz) compatible HDMI interface with two inputs and one output.” There’s also an adapter (YDS-11) that’ll run you around $100 if you want to upgrade the unit to XM radio in addition to the integrated FM tuner.

Available for purchase at the price tag of $1,399.95.

[via Engadget]