This Yelp Study Reveals the #1 Most Hated Chore in America

published Aug 15, 2019
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We all have our favorites and least favorites when it comes to household chores. And now thanks to a new survey from Yelp, we know the most hated one. No, it’s not cleaning the bathroom (kind of shocking, right?). It’s washing the dishes.

Yelp surveyed 2,000 users split evenly between men and women and washing the dishes came out on top as the most loathsome chore of all. After all, washing dishes isn’t just a once-a-day chore, like sweeping or making a bed. It’s annoying because it never ends: the satisfaction we receive once we’ve done “all” the dishes evaporates the minute a new dish is used. This is why we have restaurants, right?

The survey also highlighted some other illuminating observations, chief of which might be most obvious: domestic partners argue about chores.

In this survey, 80 percent of respondents reported that they’ve fought with their partner about when to do chores, how to do them, and/or who does them. Perhaps a domestic lack-of-bliss is why some couples are choosing to remain living separately, despite being in a serious/long-term relationship with their partner.

You know what they say: if you want something done right—or in a way that doesn’t bring a tension storm of trouble into paradise—maybe just do it yourself.