Feng Shui For The Bathroom

updated Jul 18, 2020
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Yesterday, blogging about our toilet seat cover, we received a lot of questions about our toilet’s necklace. Yes, it looks like a necklace, swinging and dangling at the slightest touch, but no, it’s not a necklace. It’s a Feng Shui crystal, placed there after a Feng Shui consultation. More of what we learned after the jump…

  • Keep the bathroom door closed at all times.
  • Tie a red ribbon around the door handle as protection against evil and bad Chi (energy).
  • Always keep the toilet lid closed to keep your money from being flushed away.
  • Keep sink and shower drains closed and your money won’t drain away.
  • A plant in the bathroom counteracts bad Chi.
  • A wind chime moves stagnant Chi around, jumpstarting your life.
  • A red ribbon invites in good chi and life abundance.