Yesterday’s Threads

  • Hot or Not?: After 107 votes, practically a dead heat

  • Good Questions: Portable Washing Machines?: ” the Rent Stabilization board just passed a new ruling allowing landlords to charge a $13/month fee for tenants using a washer in their apartments”

  • Best Products: Gentle Household Cleaners: “I will tell you the absolute BEST non-toxic cleaner — Soapworks. “

  • Post Your Baby: Trish’s Swell Steel Shelter “Smart and sassy. I like.”

  • Open Thread 24 “hello every1. is any1 on at the moment? is this site stricly used for talking bout planks and shades of green?” Enter, Tom

  • House & Home Roundup: May 12, 2005 “I thought the issue was a bit “eh.””
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