You Can Do It: Pick a Project to Cross Off Your List

updated Feb 24, 2019
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Day 5: Wednesday, January 8
Assignment: Choose a Project from Your List to Complete this Month

Ah, remember Day One of the Cure? We were all so innocent then. No marathon floor scrubbings under our collective belt yet. On that fateful first day, you walked through your home and made your list, prioritizing projects to tackle in 2014 that will improve your home. Then, at the start of this week, you spent a little time meditatively musing about your vision for what your home can (and will!) be. Which means the timing is perfect for you to choose a project that you really want to cross off your list this month…

Keep in mind that the list you created last week is your master roadmap to many worthwhile projects you’ll do for your home in the coming year. This project choice is just the first step and completing it successfully is key to sticking with the concept of caring for your home moving forward. So, don’t feel like you have to do more than one right now – choose wisely and well on which single project (small is ok!) will be good to start with and remember, you’ll be plenty busy doing the basics this month, so this is just a cherry on top!

Today’s Assignment:

Review your list and and choose a project that fits the below criteria:

A project that can be completed this month, in a few hours. Remember, you’ll be very busy with the rest of your Cure assignments, so don’t get overly ambitious in your choice – stay practical on the time commitment required.

A project that will make a noticeable difference in either how you use your home (organizing, flow), how something works (repairs) or how things look (decluttering, decorating).

A project that you’ll be proud to share with the rest of us!

Once you’ve made your choice, do the following:

Commit! Tell us exactly what single project you’ve decided to tackle in the comments below. It’s a good idea to make a commitment to the whole group on what your goal project is – the more of us that participate fully, the more strength we all have as a group to really get the work done!

Take a few before photos. You’ll want a record of how great a job you’ll do AND we’d love it if you share it with us as a before and after down the road a bit.

Do your basic prep and planning work. Some examples on what you can get done on the project tonight, online: do some online research on how to do best do your project, ditto on the research for materials and items needed, create a shopping list for supplies, find inspiration photos.

Get inspired. Check out the project plans from our January Cure live blogging team, below. If they can do it, so can you!

I’m looking forward to hearing what we’re all going to accomplish this month – be sure to add to the comment thread and have fun choosing and prepping your project!

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