Now’s Your Chance to Live in Harry Potter’s Childhood Home

updated Apr 30, 2019
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(Image credit: Carter Jonas)

If you’re a glass half-full type of Harry Potter fan, you can now own the home where Harry first bested Voldemort. If you’re a glass half-empty type of Harry Potter fan, you can now own the home where Lily and James Potter were killed. And if you’ve never read Harry Potter and would like me to just get to the point, you can now own a charming historic home that happened to appear in a movie.

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The De Vere House made an appearance in The Deathly Hollows: Part One as Harry’s childhood home before moving in with the Dursleys. At just over 3,000 square feet, this historic property has two wings that can be combined into one super spacious home. And while the $1.3 million dollar price tag is fairly hefty, you could probably make a significant return on investment selling Butterbeer on the front lawn.

(Image credit: Carter Jonas)

The house itself is mind bogglingly charming and exceedingly British, basically the Mary Berry of abodes. It also comes with a very prestigious non-Harry Potter history as well, and even throws its hat into the ring of the “Shakespeare is a hack who didn’t write his own plays” school of thought.

“The house takes its name from the De Vere family and had previously been known as Oxenford House and Oxford House. In Medieval times the De Vere family were the second richest family after the King and were responsible for creating much of Lavenham’s medieval grandeur. They also built Castle Hedingham Castle and an ancestor, Edward de Vere, the 17th Earl of Oxford is widely believed to be the true author of the plays attributed to William Shakespeare. Believed to have originally been built by the 12th Earl, De Vere House was subsequently modified by John De Vere, the 13th Earl of Oxford, and probably provided a hunting lodge.”

(Image credit: Carter Jonas)

You can see more photos of the home and learn more about what the space has to offer over at Carter Jonas. Please know that if you do end up buying the home, we will be contacting you for a House Tour almost immediately.

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