You Can Order Glow In the Dark Roses for Halloween

published Oct 7, 2017
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(Image credit: 1-800-Flowers)

Mother Nature deserves endless credit for producing a variety of vibrant blooms, but we’ve gotta hand it to human inventiveness for these stunning artificially enhanced glow-in-the dark roses that 1-800-Flowers recently debuted.

For a limited time, the floral gift retailer is offered an arrangement that includes one dozen fresh Mondial roses that are treated with a light-absorbing glow topping that allows them to glimmer in the darkness. In normal light conditions, the classic white roses appear in their gorgeous form. But once they’re surrounded darkness, they radiate intensely. The more light the roses are exposed to, the longer they glow in darkness.

Traditionally, white roses symbolize innocence, purity, spirituality or sympathy, and they’re also known as the wedding flower. We have yet to come across an official meaning for glow-in-the-dark roses, but what we do know is that they’re absolutely perfect for enhancing your modern flower display at home or for spicing up your space with a little bit of creepy charm for a Halloween party. For $49.99, you’ll receive a dozen of the luminous roses, or you can pay $10 more to have the flowers delivered in a 9-inch clear square glass vase.

(Image credit: 1-800-Flowers)

If you’re looking for a Halloween-meets-romantic night at home theme, these bewitched flowers would pair perfectly with a glow-in-the-dark bathtub lined by a set of glow-in-the dark candles.

Although that sounds like glowing overkill, don’t worry because apparently even glowing flowers take breaks. According to Country Living, the glow-in-the-dark roses‘ illuminating effect will fade after several hours. If you want them to resume their glimmering appearance, simply place them under a light source so they can absorb enough to brighten up the dark. Also, the brilliant bouquet lasts 10-14 days, which is quite a bit longer than the length of time it typically takes for fresh flowers to wilt.