You Can’t Call It “It”!

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

We figured that readers visit Ohdeedoh for nursery design inspiration and to share tips on family life in general. But did you know that Ohdeedoh can also help you chose the name of your baby? We didn’t either!

Through the magic of Twitter, we recently discovered a list of Ohdeedoh baby names at YouCan’ Doesn’t it just make sense? Our readers are so creative, fun, and have such great taste, of course you come up with the most truly cool names.

The website is run by Elisabeth (with an S) Wilborn and has loads of insightful and humorous baby naming information. This woman really does her homework. In addition to the Ohdeedoh list, you can find everything from classic names to celebrity names, purple names, butterfly names, flapper names, edible names, and names of the wealthy elite from the London Telegraph birth announcements. She also tackles the tough issues, like “The Middle Name Conundrum” and “7 Deadly Trends”. And while she clearly has strong opinions about the letter “K”, she seems quite sensitive about what an arduous task it can be to chose a baby name. You can even hire her for consulting services.

Click on over and see if your baby’s name is on the Ohdeedoh list!