Your Desktop Organization and What It Says About You

Stop for a moment, and clear your computer screen of any open windows to get a good look at your desktop. What do you see? We’d predict the average Unplggd reader keeps a pretty tidy desktop workspace, as we’d assume you’ve got a good sense of organization (or at least aspirations for it). Some say what your computer desktop looks like and how it’s organized reveals a lot about you…

The statistic/infographic geniuses over at Hunch polled their readers and discovered 72% of their readers keep their computer desktops tip-top and tidy, an impressive figure considering the average person’s desktop looks like someone spilled mahjong tiles:

What was even more interesting was the conclusions they came to with their desktop organization findings, which may or may not apply to Unplggd readers, but gives insight about who and how we organize our virtual workspaces. Key findings include:

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)
  • Men are more likely to have neat desktops, but are also apt to have too many icons on their desktop (a no-no, since it slows down OS performance).
  • The older you are, the more apt you are to have a messy desktop. 12% of those belonging to the 35-49 age category had a mess on their computer.
  • The more education and more liberal you are, the more likely you are to have a messy desktop. Hunch’s readers tend to skew to the left, as noted in their findings, but it makes sense those who are more conservative and like order would have neater desktops.
  • Those who live in urban areas have desktops that reflect their environment: “…users with messy desktops are 42% more likely than those with neat desktops to live in an urban environment.”
  • No surprise, neat freaks like ourselves, have desktops that reflect their overall neat and organized tendencies. Neat types also tend to own and use external hard drives.
  • Work for yourself? Your desktop is 5% more likely to be messier than the average.
  • Math geeks and the scientifically minded have an irrational tendencies to chaos on their desktop, 12% more so!
  • And finally, those with neater desktops place their personal priority of overall quality of life over the importance of professional work (well, maybe because the messy ones are still trying to find files while us neat freaks are quicker to find what we need!).

Check out the full details of the Hunch survey results at the Hunch Blog.

(Image: Flickr member electrikjesus via Lifehacker)