You Know When You Live In a Small Space When…

You Know When You Live In a Small Space When…

Gregory Han
Jan 15, 2010

You Know When You Live In a Small Space When…
…turning around can take you from bedroom to living room in an instant.
…storage is not a concern, it's an obsession.
…you're never out of sight or audible distance between you and your partner/roomie.
…introducing something new requires ridding of another.
…rooms inherently play double, if not triple, duty in utility.

…privacy needs to be planned.
…you tell friends and family "no gifts" not due to altruism, but for lack of room.
…one lighting source is all you need to illuminate your space.
…visiting your friends' suburban homes feels like entering a convention center.
…passing gas is not a private matter.
…your social events have a max load capacity requirement guest list.

Abby chimes in:
…you have to rearrange all the furniture to have more than 3 people over
…your bed is also your couch
…you can talk to (and sometimes see) someone in the kitchen while you're in your bedroom

…you store your towels and sheets in the same drawers as your clothes.
…you have a shoe bag on the back of your door for shoes and a shoe bag on the back of another door for storing extra items, bathroom, kitchenware, you name it.
…you ignore feng shui and use under your bed for tons of storage.
…you have tons of mirrors and not because you are vain.
…to get dressed, you have to move your chair/ottoman out of the way to open your only closet.

…you sit on the toilet in your bathroom your knees touch the opposite wall (true).
…you have to switch out the clothes in closet seasonally because only one season fits at a time.
…"purge" is a word you use often -- and not in relation to bodily functions -- but because you must constantly purge junk to make room for any new purchase.
…your dining table is also your desk, buffet, ironing board and craft table.
…any over night guests have to sleep on an Aerobed.

Small space dwellers, feel free to add to the list below!

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