Spring Cure Discussion Spotlight: You Ask, We Answer!

Spring Cure Discussion Spotlight: You Ask, We Answer!

Cambria Bold
Mar 23, 2010

I've been wanting to do the cure FOREVER and I'm officially signed up. However, as I was reading, I realized that the biggest problem with my place, by far, is its bones. They're bad—like, fundamentally unfixable-crazy-slanty-floors bad. I'm renting (thankfully) and my lease isn't up until the end of August. I've been mulling over moving sooner anyway...Basically, advise me! Is it worth doing either version of the cure (or some bastardized mish-mash) in a place I want and need to leave, preferably ASAP?

Mandac, one word: YES!

Okay, more than one word. We definitely think so! Speaking as a perma-renter living in New York, I think this is the lot of many a renter. You may love certain aspects of the apartment—the location, the amenities, the cost—but inevitably there's at least one thing that's a little wonky, annoying, shoddy, or unworkable. (In my case, it was the cheap craftsmanship of my kitchen cabinets.) So you're certainly not alone in feeling this way. I would venture to say that a rental is more likely to have its bones afflicted more so than any other part (breath, heart, and head -- see pg. 27 in the book) because it's all based on the structure (floors, ceilings, walls, fixtures, windows)—things that were there long before you moved in. And unless you have the permission and wherewithall to undergo a renovation (or move), the challenge really becomes figuring out how you can best work with what you have.

The Cure will help set you on a path towards a) paring down your stuff and decluttering which, if you end up moving, will make setting up your new apartment much easier, or b) it'll vastly improve your quality of life in your current apartment. So you probably can't rip out those slanty floors and lay make everything flat and smooth; you can't fill in all the cracks in the walls or install a new shower. But you can do some things that, while they may seem insignificant, will make a big difference towards healing this part of your home. You can put up new light fixtures, throw a warm, colorful on the wonky floors, or buy some cool door knobs to replace the cheap ones your landlord installed. And never underestimate the power of a vigorous cleaning. If your windows sparkle, your closets are organized, and you only have things you truly love and need around you, so what if your floor makes you feel like you're walking through a fun house? It's your fun house, and you're not letting it get the best of you.

Share your thoughts and questions with me and the rest of the Cure participants at our Discussion Board. You could be highlighted here next week!

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