This $20 Organizer Has Over 13,000 5-Star Amazon Ratings and Will Clear Out the Chaos in Your Cabinets

updated Oct 11, 2022
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Let’s be honest, sometimes it takes a good spring-cleaning session to finally address the hidden disaster zones of the house. I’m talking about the messes that are the Tupperware drawer, the jumble of frozen foods in the freezer, or the mountain of spice jars taking up all that space in your cabinets. If you’ve found yourself procrastinating because, well, things just always seem to slip back into the messiest versions of themselves anyways, fret not: YouCopia has the solution all us home cooks desperately need to tackle our disorganized kitchen cabinets.

Meet the Bakeware Storemore Adjustable Rack. This ingenious storage solution fits right in with some of our other favorites, yet (dare we say) this one is even more versatile. With over 13,000 five-star Amazon ratings, the Bakeware Storemore clearly has wide appeal. And under $20, this storage system is the no-brainer answer to getting organized in the kitchen.

“For the first time in forever when I need to take something out, the entire cabinet does not implode around me,” wrote one newly organized reviewer about their adjustable racks, “I nested 3 baking pans in one, cutting boards in another, cooling racks in another and hot plates/trivets in yet another and I still have one vertical rack left over… Marie Kondo would be so proud of me!”

As the name suggests, the seven adjustable dividers on the Storemore can hold baking supplies like cake pans, sheet trays, tart pans, or baking dishes. But it can also tidy up your collection of cutting boards, cookware lids, pizza stones, large platters, or practically anything else that is cluttering up your cabinets and drawers. One reviewer attested, “I decided to try it on some really large heavier pots and pans. Even though it’s not specifically designed for heavyweight pans it works wonderfully!”

A heavy-duty plastic base ensures that, even when loaded with the heaviest of items, the rack won’t tip over. “I was expecting a lightweight plastic base with flimsy metal uprights that would hold a lightweight pan or cutting board. BOY WAS I WRONG!!!!” wrote another happy customer. “This is a very heavy duty base with good grip on the bottom,” Others applauded the thoughtful design as a whole, noting that the soft-coated wire dividers never scratch their cookware, even when storing stainless steel.

Another plus? Lots of reviewers praised how easy the adjustable rack was to set up in their cabinets. One commented, “I know some people are so handy with tools but I am NOT one of those people. I appreciate so much that all of their items require no tools and are adjustable. I literally was able to fit the little adjustable racks in with one hand with no cussing or frustration whatsoever.” No cussing and a game-changing storage solution? We call that a win-win!

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