Your At-Home Getaway: 7 Steps to a Calming, Recharging Corner

Your At-Home Getaway: 7 Steps to a Calming, Recharging Corner

Adrienne Breaux
Feb 13, 2015

Sometimes you need your home to wrap you up in a big hug and never let you go. So focus on creating a cozy, comfort-zone corner you can retreat to when life gets frustrating, unpleasant and tough. We've got the elements of the anatomy of an effortlessly cool and comfy nook...and we're giving you the steps to create your own at-home getaway corner!

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Add in lots of greenery

There's a reason that the wisdom of the ages has always suggested losing yourself in nature; the quiet and the calm can seep into your everyday life. Well if you don't have an outlet for hiking on the regular, do the next best thing by adding lots of plant life to a corner that you can retreat to. Via Desire to Inspire.

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A seat that fits right in

You want to find yourself a lounge chair that fit the character of your space and the corner you're creating — in terms of style but also seat height and more. But you also want to find a seat that fits how you'd like to use the corner. Want to prop your feet up and curl up with a good book? Then maybe a hard plastic chair isn't the right choice for you. Seen on PopSugar.

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Furniture that takes a beating so you can get comfy

It's important when creating a corner you can retreat to when the world gets a little rough that you don't fill it with anything to precious. If you like comforting yourself with lasagna maybe don't have a chair upholstered in white silk. If you like putting your feet up, find a stool or ottoman that will look better the more you beat it up. Seen on Design*Sponge.

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An overabundance of luxurious materials

What's a material that feels sumptuous to you? A pile of sheepskin? Silk? Something warm? Something soft? Fill your corner retreat with whatever material will be the best for you to sink into. Seen on CHome.

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A cozy, encroaching cluster of stuff

Some folks might disagree with this idea; for some the idea of being surrounded by a bunch of stuff is suffocating. For others, the need to be enclosed a bit — protected, set apart — is what will allow full relaxation. If you're in the group that likes a nook, surround your corner with items so you feel like your stuff is giving you a big hug. Seen on Free People.

Something to do

If you've ever put the time and energy into crafting a nook or corner you dreamed of relaxing in but then never ever used it even once, it might be because you didn't give yourself something to do. That might seem the opposite of relaxation, but for some just sitting and staring isn't very relaxing. So instead if you're a reader, put a stack of those novels you've been meaning to dig into right next to your seat. If you want to weave or knit more, put a stylish basket of supplies nearby. Seen on The Inspired Room.

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Plenty of blankets and pillows to arrange around yourself

Again, if you're trying to create a little corner that you can retreat to when life gets unpleasant and overwhelming, you're going to want to make sure you put your comfort and security on the top of the list. So make sure your corner has lots of pillows and blankets near it so you can wrap yourself up with you want to shut the world out. Seen on Concept by Anna.

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