Your Bed Cover Pet Peeves

Your Bed Cover Pet Peeves

Adrienne Breaux
Jan 15, 2010

A while ago we shared with you one of our biggest design pet peeves (furniture placed on the diagonal) and asked you yours in the post Your Biggest Design Pet Peeves. Well, we accidentally left another one of our peeves off the list, this one involving a preference in the bedroom.

While this doesn't have to do with aesthetics so much as personal sleeping preference, we absolutely can't stand thick and puffy bed comforters and duvets, instead preferring a cozy layering of thinner blankets or (our favorite) lots of quilts. We're going to go so far as to say it's impossible for us to sleep with a giant puffy comforter---it's always too big, too hot or we can't snuggle under it. But, we've known people who not only love the convenience and aesthetic of just one bed comforter or duvet, but actually enjoy sleeping under one. Bed cover preferences hardly stick to only the comforter versus blanket debate; the number of sleeping pillows to type of bed sheet and more are all subject to individual preference.

So we ask, what's your preference? Do you like a nice thick, warm comforter to cozy up under? Do you prefer lots of layers of blankets and quilts to snuggle up with? Do you not care? What about the amount of pillows to sleep with? Have you always had these preferences or have they evolved as you've gotten older? Do your sleeping preferences battle with your aesthetic preferences? Let us know!

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