Your BFF Might Be Human But Ours Is A Vacuum!

Your BFF Might Be Human But Ours Is A Vacuum!

Sarah Rae Smith
May 14, 2010

There's one cleaning tool in our home that's seen us through thick and thin, through 5 moves, 2 dogs, a million flights of stairs and more pounds of dog hair and dirt than we care to count — our vacuum! No it's not a Dyson, but it works so well we've actually been able to live without an air purifier. It's just that good!

No matter how many times we make the bed, they unmake it asap!

We have two dogs that take daily trips to the dog park, go for multiple walks and shed like crazy with the always changing weather here in Missouri. Daily floor, bed, sofa, and stairs maintenance is a must and when we miss a day, it's obvious. Our Eureka 4D Vacuum has seen more use than any other appliance in our house except for the refrigerator — which is of course always running... whoops better go catch it! (Sorry couldn't resist!)

We purchased this Eureka vacuum several years ago and it's been the greatest purchase we ever made for our home (or rather "homes" since we've moved so often!). We originally bought it for excellent online reviews but deep down, the real reason we bought it was for the "power paw." It claimed to be a pet hair ninja and has truly lived up to that standard. It hooks into the vacuum hose and spins a smaller more coarse bristled brush. It takes on the tops and sides of stairs without blinking and removes all the hair off our furniture without breaking a sweat.

This vacuum has the typical carpet settings and does just fine on all different textures, but we were also pleasantly surprised when it worked so well on hardwood and concrete floors. While many vacuums claim to be great at such surfaces, most just push the dust and dirt back behind the vacuum, making you sweep it up with a broom in the end. In fact, we rarely use our broom now and stick mainly with a daily vacuum throughout the entire space.

We've never had to buy a single filter (they are hand washable in the sink) or bag for this model. It dumps clean without leaving the *poof* cloud when you empty it into the trash can. Its on-board tools include a crevice tool, an extender wand, and a dusting wand that when put back into its holder is sucked clean by the vacuum! No more shaking them over the trash can, hoping most the dirt goes inside.

We know this isn't an official or even important review, but we know sometimes all you really want to hear is the personal experiences someone has had with a product. We'll buy another Eureka when the time comes. We're sold on the brand, the performance and the durability. (I accidentally dropped it down two flights of stairs when we lived in Milwaukee... oops!)

Do you have a vacuum you'd like to write a love note to? Share the make and model in the comments below!

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(Image: Sarah Rae Trover)

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