Your Biggest Design Pet Peeves

Your Biggest Design Pet Peeves

Adrienne Breaux
Aug 14, 2009

We've asked you before on Apartment Therapy about your actual living with a pet peeves, your biggest kitchen and bathroom pet peeves and even your annoyances with product design today...

Pet peeves are a very personalized subject. Some people are annoyed with certain design elements for legitimate reasons. Other times, pet peeves stem from completely unexplainable thought processes (like the author of this post's intense hatred of furniture placed on a diagonal). We'd like to know what really gets on your nerves design-wise, legitimate or irrational!

What are the design elements that ruin an otherwise well-designed space to you? Is it wallpaper? The color pink? Vinyl seating? Things too matched or mixed? Did you previously have a design pet peeve that you now embrace as a design love? Have you ever had to tell a white lie when faced with a friend's space full of your design pet peeve? Tell us about your design pet peeves and how they became to be!

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