Your Car As An Extension of Your Home

112008car-03.jpgWe lead a relatively organized life in our home. Containers are labeled, items have a place to land and we have systems for keeping everything in order. Because our car acts like a much smaller version of our apartment, we have zones for keeping items handy, trash has a place to go and we have systems for keeping our ride clean. We’ve included some organizing techniques we use in our own car after the jump.

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)
  • Every compartment has a specific function so we’re not searching frantically for wipes when a spill happens. For our car, we keep tissue, band-aids, pens, and a flashlight in the glove box (along with the instruction manual).
  • The tray beneath the radio holds extra business cards for networking events (in case we run out) and our iPod.
  • In the ashtray, we keep spare change and a spare key to our apartment, as well as a single spare key to our car to take on a long run.
  • We keep a roll of duct tape at the bottom of our straight shift and it always seems to come in handy.
  • Our side door pocket is for storing trash only. We’re sometimes amazed at what ends up in that spot but the trash doesn’t travel throughout the car because it has the appropriate place to land. When it fills up, we empty it while we’re pumping gas.
  • Behind the passenger seat, we always keep a spare umbrella (on the off chance it actually rains in Los Angeles).
  • In our trunk, we keep a few large travel boxes to store items that tend to roll around when traveling. The boxes also help contain fragile items from rolling around when en route.
  • When we arrive home, we always try to take something inside that might have found its way to our car.

What are some of your car organizing tips? Is your car an extension of your home or do you find that it is surprisingly the exact opposite?

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[Images from Toyota and Travis Hornung]