Your Complete Guide to Ordering In on Thanksgiving

published Nov 10, 2016
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Each year, when the leaves start to turn and pumpkin-flavored treats become ubiquitous, we start to think about Thanksgiving and its iconic fall spread. How can your mouth not start watering at the thought of apple pie, roasted turkey, and caramelized harvest veggies?

But let’s be honest, Turkey Day is a TON of work. Often, food prep begins days in advance, and still, who among us hasn’t experienced that face-palm moment on Thanksgiving morning when you realize there’s only half a stick of butter left in the fridge and every grocery store for miles is closed?

Save yourself the hassle this year and utilize the myriad food delivery services that the internet has graced us with today. We’re telling you, you’ll be glad you did.

The Bird

First let’s talk turkey. Roasting a bird to the proper doneness, a.k.a. still juicy yet cooked through, is downright hard. Not to mention, the labor intensity of all that basting. However, there are companies out there that will not just cook, but smoke your bird to perfection. Get a richly flavored bird from Greenberg Smoked Turkey or New Braunfel’s Smokehouse. And if you’d rather pick up something locally, Whole Foods Market will also prep a free-range turkey for you—and finding one nearby should be easy as pumpkin pie.

(If you’re still itching to roast a turkey on your own, you can order in a heritage or free-range bird from Heritage Foods or D’Artagnan. No supermarket run required!)

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The Sides & Apps

For the extras, why not get a little creative and put a modern, global spin on Thanksgiving? You can always rely on your local takeout places. Does the Indian spot near you make a killer aloo gobi? Then welcome it to your Thanksgiving table! You could even get wild and mix and match cuisines (just make sure the places are actually open for the holiday).

If you’re worried that your tablemates will miss the traditional stuff, there’s plenty of spots that will deliver their green bean casserole. Don’t underestimate companies that deliver prep foods and gift baskets all year long. Williams-Sonoma will deliver you an entire Thanksgiving feast (we’re talking dessert too) with a free-range Willie Bird turkey. (Cheddar chive mashed potatoes? Sold.) Additionally, Harry & David has offerings like parmesan creamed spinach, gruyere and garlic mashed red potatoes, and Swiss chard and artichoke stuffing. Dean & Deluca also has some tasty sounding morsels like whipped sweet potatoes with candied pecans and cornbread stuffing. Sure, we’re not reinventing the wheel here, but if you’re looking for reliability, let these door-to-door pros do their thing.

And if you need something to keep guests occupied before the main event, indie food purveyor Mouth has a Thanksgiving Kickoff set that includes artisanal roasted nuts, jams, tapenade, crackers, and pickles—just the kind of bites we crave during cocktail hour.

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You also don’t need to do any prep work to coerce a tasty baked good to magically appear. Michigan’s Grand Traverse Pie Company does the state’s signature cherry pie with crumb topping. Go traditional with an apple or pumpkin dessert from Sweetie Pies in Napa, California. Or for more creative flavors, try Butter & Scotch‘s S’mores Pie or Bourbon Ginger Pecan.

This year, let the delivery guys do all the work and sit back, watch some TV, and enjoy a tasty dinner that was cooked with love—just by somebody else.