Your Finger Is Your Key To Your Safe.

Your Finger Is Your Key To Your Safe.

Joel Pirela
Sep 24, 2010

Your fingerprint is one of a kind, so let its uniqueness work for you.
Remember when biometric scanners were things from science fiction flicks? They have been implemented on laptops, flash drives and various other hi-tech products and lately into biometric safes.

Don't trust storing your most valuable possessions in a safe that locks with a key that can easily be lost. Unlike standard safes that rely on hidden keys, key cards, or security codes that can be overridden, these biometrics safes demand your unique fingerprint to allow access. They are easy to program and operate, thanks to its LED status lights. Ideal for jewelry, stocks, important documents, and even firearms. Some of them are endorsed by the NRA firearms safety program as an official gun safe and even the DOJ. An AC adapter is included for power and they also have backup batteries.

The Biometrics BioVault 2.0 Fingerprint Safe does exactly what you would imagine. It stores a small amount of your personal possessions and prevents access to anyone without the right fingerprint. It stores up to 50 different fingers, so you'll be able to give access to just about everyone you know (though that would likely defeat its purpose). The safe is designed to be portable, which is great for people constantly on the go. The scanner is powered by an AC adapter, or by 3 D batteries. Don't worry though, even if your batteries die and it's not connected to the wall, it won't lose your information.
No external computer is required: This home safe is a self-contained biometric patented fingerprint access control system that uses proprietary fingerprint technology to verify identification and permit access. The advanced sub-dermal fingerprint reader's fingerprint recognition takes less than a second.

The safe will set you back $399.95, which would likely pay for itself should anyone try to steal your things.

The Biometric Wall Vault was designed and engineered by Secure Logic's president, a concerned, caring gun owner that wanted to protect himself and his loved ones from an accidental discharge while insuring optimum family security. Approved by the Department of Justice as a Firearm Safety Device, the Wall Vault's cutting edge biometric fingerprint recognition technology and stainless steel construction give you peace of mind that your valuables are safe and secure.

The Wall Vault is available in 2 models, a biometric or fingerprint model and a keypad model that allows you to input a PIN number. Both models are built to mount into any wall of your home between 2 16" on center studs. The door instantly drops at the touch of a finger or acceptance of a PIN allowing only those with authorization access.
Fingerprints and PIN's are stored, verified, or deleted with ease. A hidden secondary compartment can secure documents, passports, firearm accessories, and more. Even more the Wall Vault runs on a rechargeable battery - No Wiring is required.

The MicroBioVault's unique, notebook-style design allows you to take your handgun or valuables with you. Incredibly compact and lightweight, this safe will fit inside a briefcase or day pack and can be quickly accessed with GunVault's Biometric technology.
It's constructed of 16-gauge steel with soft foam on the inside with precise fitting that are almost impossible to pry open, great for hotel rooms or when you are on the go. If you make invalid entries, the system will go into a lock up mode and a tamper indicator will alter you of the invalid attempts.

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