Your Guide to a More Creative Home: 6 Secrets to Better (& Bolder) Ideas

Your Guide to a More Creative Home: 6 Secrets to Better (& Bolder) Ideas

Adrienne Breaux
May 4, 2014

How do some people come up with incredibly creative decorating and DIY ideas for their home? The color palettes they dream up. The combinations of styles and looks they boldly mix in the same space. The idea to hang a piece of art there. It's not that they're more talented or creative than you, they just know how to open themselves up to good ideas — and have the guts to implement them. Want some secrets to coming up with your best creative ideas for home yet? Here are six!

1. Don't try to think about a good idea
Trying too hard to think of a good idea is an easy way to make sure none of them come to mind! Seriously go have a few hours where you do nothing. Where you go play with friends in the sun. Where you go let your brain think about ANYTHING else other than what you're trying to think about. Letting your mind relax is one of the best ways to throw the idea flood gates open. Pro tip: Carry a pencil and paper around so you can jot down any idea that comes your way, good or bad, for looking at later.

2. Gather, curate and make your own
The reason Pinterest is so popular? It's a huge board of good (okay some bad) ideas you can flip through for hours (or months) to find ideas that might work for you. It's the same with design blogs, design magazines, anything. The trick is to not think too hard about stuff that catches your eye — just grab it all and put it in one inspiration bucket. Give it some space, and then look through your bucket, keeping only the things that make your heart race. When you've gathered a handful of good ideas, make them your own. Combine them. Strip them down. Change them in a way that will be unique to you.

3. Outright steal
Or you could just completely steal an idea. Because you know what? Even if you're stealing an idea exactly, it's still passing through the filter of you. It's still combining with other things you have in your home. It's melding with your own personal style (even if you don't think you've got one). It's becoming more like you even if you don't realize it.

4. Look outside the normal
Look everywhere for ideas, not just where you think you should look. The simplest example would be like wanting a new idea for a paint color for a room but only looking at rooms with different paint colors. When in reality, inspiration for color can come from nature, a beautiful item bought on travels, a background color to a 1960s comic book you found at a thrift store. The same idea can apply to everything. Look to restaurants for seating arrangement ideas. Look anywhere for art ideas. Cast the widest net for the most creative ideas.

5. Let ideas stew long enough
Loved the article we spotted on The House that Lars Built about ideas. See the thing is, an idea can be good the moment you think it up, without doubt. But don't stop yourself too soon or short. Let an idea stew. Let it morph. Take it to the absolute extension of what it could be. Consider dumb ideas. Don't just jump in and try your first idea —- because it could get even better.

6. Have guts and trust instincts
The real secret behind a creative home? Listening to that little voice that tells you to "go for it!" and not the chorus of louder voices that screams things like "that'll never work!" Trust your instincts. Don't be scared to be bold. This isn't life or death. But a more creative home will certainly make life more enjoyable.

How do you come up with really creative decorating and DIY ideas for your home? Do you have a secret that lets you dream up really good ideas? Share yours in the comments below!
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