Declutter This Area to Make Your Home (and Mind) Feel Lighter

Declutter This Area to Make Your Home (and Mind) Feel Lighter

Taryn Williford
Sep 19, 2017

I sit writing this from my dining room table, looking over at a pile of... stuff... sitting in the middle of my floor. There's an Ace Hardware bucket (empty save for a few almost-used-up rolls of painter's tape), a grocery bag filled with the hardware we removed from our upstairs bath, and a cardboard box filled with three sample pints of mint-tinted paint because—in direct contrast to my firm feelings on mint chip ice cream—I couldn't decide how green I like my mint to be.

Projects, crafts and hobbies... they come with stuff. And that stuff, even though it might have a home somewhere (I am about to carry this bucket and the paint into our storage unit out back), is usually out of place, busy cluttering otherwise tidy floors and surfaces and making your home look messier than it really is.

So today, we're going to wrap up any loose ends and get that gear back into place. Because unfinished projects are really just a burden from the past. The longer you hang on to them, the less likely you are to pursue activities that interest you now.

Today's Assignment:

Sort through any clutter related to projects or crafts around the house.

I'll admit this mission is an undefined, amorphous thing, so I'll leave you with this advice to help steer your effort today: Focus on the spot or spots where you currently have tools and materials hanging out. For some of you, it might be a workbench in a garage. For others, a dining room table that doubles as a crafting space. And for me, and maybe some of you too, it's a few different spots on the floor where tools lay strewn about from projects both in-progress and recently finished.

What you're looking to do today is make sense of those things in that place and get them back to their proper home. And if they don't have a proper home, then they need to be sorted. It's your job today to help them finally find their way to the trash or recycling, or to the "sell," "donate" and "wanderers" boxes we September Sweep'ers set up at the start of the month. (I know most of my things will find their way to the wanderers box for clutter that doesn't have a home—yet.)

Even if you pick up that activity again soon, there are two very practical benefits to having tackled this task today: First, you'll have a clear mind for the next time you jump in on your project and, even better, you'll know exactly where everything is.

And don't forget...

Grab one more thing to pull out of the monster zone today and get that sorted away, too.

Want to catch up with Apartment Therapy's September Sweep decluttering plan? You can see all of the month's assignments right here.

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