Your Home May Be Decreasing Your Productivity (And What to Do About It)

Your Home May Be Decreasing Your Productivity (And What to Do About It)

Adrienne Breaux
Dec 15, 2015

Do you wish you were a bit more productive? Had a little more pep in your step on the day-to-day? Do you just wish you got more done so you could have more fun? Plenty of things in your life can negatively affect your productivity and motivation; make sure your home isn't on the list!

1. It's not letting you sleep

Sleep is the new gold. People would probably give up all their money if there was a way to freeze time at night so you could get more sleep. So if you don't happen to have the ability to stop the clock so you can snooze until you're satiated, make sure that you are getting the best rest you can in the short window of time you do have. Did you know your bedroom could be actively working against your sleeping habits? Do a bedroom review to see if it's getting in the way of getting a good night's sleep.

2. It's not letting you wake up

You could have the opposite thing going on from above. Your bedroom could be working a little too good at getting you to sleep — and staying asleep longer than you intend. If catching Z's isn't the problem but catching the worm as an early bird is, instead look to your bedroom to see how it can help you wake up better.

3. It's distracting you

If you find yourself falling down technology holes for hours and nothing getting done on your to-do list, you might need to check your home for distractions. From browsing Facebook to Netflix, don't let distractions get in the way of DIY desires or hobbies.

4. It's stressing you out

It's hard to really feel motivated to get stuff done with you're metaphorically drowning. So let your home help you feel as relaxed and peaceful as you can be, and you'll find that your productivity rises as your blood pressure lowers.

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