Your Home, Your Choice: 10 Home Explanations You Don't Owe

Your Home, Your Choice: 10 Home Explanations You Don't Owe

Adrienne Breaux
Jun 29, 2014

We don't want you to apologize about your home so much. Or say "I'm sorry" as soon as guests walk in the door. Trust us — it'll make you enjoy your home more when you're not always saying sorry for its flaws. And there's something else you can clear from your brain to make more room for enjoyment: Don't feel like you owe anyone who comes into your home explanations for the decorating and living choices you've made. Here are ten to consider.

You don't owe anyone an explanation for...

1. Living in a studio or small place if you can afford more
For those who think bigger is always better and the true sign of success is how many cars you can fit in your garage, understanding why you would voluntarily squeeze into a tiny home to save money might elude them. But forget them. Living under your means is one way to have more money to travel more (or just not work as much) and living in a small space is a great design challenge. For inspiration: Christopher & Merete's Truly Tiny Home on the Range.

2. Living in a home with "too much" space if you can afford it
Living solo in a multi-bedroom home that you can totally afford? That's cool, too. If you've got the financial resources to fund a bigger space to fit all your interests — from a dedicated home studio to even just a place to relax and unwind, go for it! And don't feel one ounce of guilt or feel like you've got to explain your choice to anyone. Yeah you could save more money on rent, but living the way you want is a worthy way to spend money, too.

3. Splashing your home with tons of bold colors
As the great recent post 10 Signs You Might Be a Maximalist points out it's totally okay for your favorite color to be everything, and to put your favorite color on every surface. Your house, your source for inspiration. And if every color of the rainbow motivates you, splash away!

4. Having a super minimal, relaxing palette
When a particularly pushy guest implies you need more "pops of color" politely smile and know that your space — while perhaps not wild or even bold — is your calming refuge from a world filled with too much visual stimulation anyway.

5. Not buying anything new
Not being able to recognize any item in your home from a current store catalog isn't a bad thing. There's no shame in saving money, helping the environment and getting creative by buying vintage, scouring Craigslist or picking up road-side finds.

6. Only buying new things
For whatever reason you don't like vintage or Craigslist items — not into DIYing things, don't like vintage style or have a (totally reasonable) fear of bed bugs — there's absolutely nothing wrong with only buying new (if you've got the funds, of course). Your budget, your shopping list, and you can fill your space from any store you'd like.

7. Having a lot of furry roommates
If anyone turns their nose up at the tumbleweeds of fur that always seem to float around (despite your best vacuuming efforts) or see how many pets you have as too many, know that even though having lots of furry friends is a lot of work (and nearly impossible to keep fur off the furniture) it also means never being alone and lots of laughs!

8. Not having any pets
Allergies, space, money or preferences, if you don't want to share your home with a pet, there's nothing wrong with it. There are plenty of ways to get your furry friend fix that don't require having to have a litter box in your home that needs scooping.

9. Using your space the way it works for you
Don't need a guest bedroom but do need an inspiring space to do your creations? Then don't listen to that family member who complains about the air mattress and lack of a dedicated guest room. You're the one paying for your home and you should use your rooms how you want to — not how they're "supposed" to be used.

10. Never inviting people over
Yes, we do think sharing your home is one of life's best pleasures. Especially if you spend a lot of time making it look and feel good! But for some people, home is a highly personal retreat from a scary, hectic world. If you don't want anyone invading that, that's okay. At the end of the day your home is for you — not for anyone else.

What would you add to this list?

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