Your Laptop Cord Stays off Your Lap with This Clip Trick

Your Laptop Cord Stays off Your Lap with This Clip Trick

Taryn Williford
Apr 13, 2011

Ever since we discovered the best no-pain laptop lounging position, we've been laying down on the job. But despite all the good things it does for our back and our posture, we're ready to give it up thanks to one tiny (yet terribly annoying detail): Our MacBook cord is always getting in the way.

We call it the MacBook snake. It's those weird curves and loops your laptop's cord makes in its journey from its outlet on the wall to the side of your machine as you lounge on the couch. It's especially bendy if you're lounging on the sofa with the power-cord-side in towards the cushions.

Instead, keep your MacBook power cord under control with this trick: Use its built-in cable clip (the one that keeps your cord wrapped around the power brick) and clip it to the side of your laptop's screen.

In its own weird way, sending the cable up pulls it up off your lap and keeps it neat and tidy (and free of crazy fall-across-the-keyboard loops).

So far, we know this trick works on all the unibody MacBooks and some of the older MacBook Air models. Try it on your Mac laptop and let us know if it helps keep your wiley cord under control.

via Lifehacker

(Images: Taryn Fiol)

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