My Personal Color Evolution

My Personal Color Evolution

Adrienne Breaux
Oct 27, 2010

Purple. No — more like an electric lavender. The color of artificial grape-flavored things, wildflowers and little girl toys. That's what color my childhood room was painted, as well as almost every article of clothing in my childhood wardrobe and nearly every toy that came my way. Last week Kim talked about her ownevolving taste in color and here is mine!

I couldn't get enough of that lavender color as a kid. And it wasn't just me bringing in that color — attentive family members dutifully gifted me with all sorts of lavender and purple-hued items for holidays and birthdays. Maybe it was the color, or maybe it was the unicorn motifs that adorned the matching bedspread/wallpaper border/curtain combination, but once I "grew up" it took years to be able to look at any hue of violet again.

Later adolescence and early adulthood saw me experimenting with a warm red phase — I painted nearly every apartment a wild red-orange paint color (which, coincidentally, happened to be the same color as my favorite crayon when I was younger).

But then something strange happened in my mid-twenties. I bought a purple throw pillow. Then — a purple blanket. And slowly but surely, purple began to creep back into my life — began to meld with the red-orange colors (though those diminished to only a few key pieces).

How have your color tastes changed and evolved from childhood to adulthood? Are there colors that you've always favored that you still favor? Or are there color skeletons in your closet that you dare not admit you loved as a child/in your past? Let us know!

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