Your “Trend Immune System” is Talking, And You Need to Listen

published Jun 10, 2016
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(Image credit: Alicia Macias)

Ah, “trendy.” No other word provokes the ire of design lovers quite like this one; the suggestion that they buy into a color or concept just because it’s, to steal the wise words of Mugatu, so hot right now. Yet, we all chase the design zeitgeist, every day. We look at our 10-year-old kitchens that we loved 10 years ago and think, “I would love to paint the cabinets white and add brass fixtures.”

Half of you probably read that last sentence and agreed silently to yourself, “totally.” The rest winced at the idea of a white-and-brass kitchen. “That’s trendy right now, but that’s so not me,” you said to yourself.

That dissenting inner voice? That was your trend immune system talking.

We’re All Trend-Seekers

I made that idea up, the concept of a trend immune system. And to understand what I mean, you’ll first need to agree with one thing: We all chase trends. Not all of them, and not all the time. But I can tell you by the fact that you’re reading Apartment Therapy and eager to immerse yourself in what’s happening in homes right now, that you want your home to first be a reflection of you, but second to be a reflection of your good taste.

That part of the equation, the part where you want your home to look stylish and well-put together, that part involves studying trends. Learning about what makers are making and designers are designing right now. But that doesn’t mean you have to adopt every trend. This is where your trend immune system comes in.

Listen to Your Immune Response

When you spot a trend, it’s your prerogative to say “no thank you” to anything that doesn’t interest you. You shouldn’t feel compelled to adopt something into your home just because it’s “hip,” as the kids say. When your immune response kicks in and reactively says, “dark walls looks great in this space, but they’re not for me,” listen to it. Decide that black walls are something you’ll only appreciate in the safe confines of Pinterest, and leave your home well-enough alone, no matter how many trend pieces you come across.