Your Ultimate Garage Sale Schedule for Success

Your Ultimate Garage Sale Schedule for Success

Adrienne Breaux
Jul 6, 2014

Have you been following along with our step-by-step instructions for planning a wildly lucrative garage sale this summer? Wherever you are in your garage sale journey, check in to this schedule we've designed that will help you plan one perfectly any time of year!

Start marketing anywhere from 2 weeks to 2 days before your sale
In this post, we gave you pointers for when you should start marketing your garage sale. Be sure to consider which ways to get the word out are right for your sale long before the actual date so you have enough time to do it right.

Try to have everything set aside and priced 1 week before your sale
You should aim to have your stuff for sale cleaned, organized and priced at least one week before the garage sale. This will give you enough time to see everything you have to sell, start thinking about displaying, and figure out if you need to borrow any items to help display.

If you're throwing a sale alongside someone else or having friends help
Make sure they get instructions on what to do at least a week before the sale. If they have to bring their stuff over, consider asking them to do it the day before the sale so you can consider how to place their items in the overall composition. If they just want to show up the day of, make sure everything they are selling is clearly priced (especially if they're not going to be there).

Here's what you should do the day before
Gather up the other sort of items you might need. Extension cords to test electronics (and maybe even test electronics). Do a test drive of your signage areas to see if they're still in place, adjust or replace if needed. Grab refreshments (if you'll be using any to entice buyers). Consider making a playlist with music.

Go to the bank and grab some one-dollar bills to use as change. Consider how you'll store your money as you make sales (we actually suggest keeping it on you, like a fanny pack). Send out another blast across social media to advertise. Make sure you have a really comfortable chair to sit in, bug spray on hand and some sort of shade if you'll be in the sun for hours.

What to do the day of
Wake up early to give yourself plenty of time to set up. Keep in mind that some die-hard buyers might show up even earlier than when you say. In fact, if there's anything you can do the night before, do it. Don't worry if not everything is perfectly displayed the moment your garage sale begins — as long as everything is priced it should be okay!

(Image credit: Janel Laban)

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