YouTube Tour: Robo-Pets!

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

We’ll admit it, we love robots. Nerdy, yes, but we can’t help it. We went to Nextfest, can’t get enough Astroboy and think Mindstorms are cool. Our own pet is definitely not digital, but we love to see what’s out there.
From YouTube, a selection of robotic pets:

  • A commercial for a slightly disturbing fuzzy robot cat from Japan (clip includes peppy theme music and a robust meow – volume adjustment may be necessary)

  • a new creation from Caleb Chung – a week-old dino pet named Pleo

  • the beloved Aibo (sigh!) who lives with a real cat (who steals his ball in this clip)

  • Some mini dancing QRIO robots in case you are thinking of a pet robot instead of a robot pet!
  • All clips from YouTube.